Your kitchen is the central gathering place of your home.  Delicious meals are prepared, delightful conversations are shared and memories that last a lifetime are made.  Cabaret Cabinetry wants to help you achieve the perfect backdrop for a family dinner or a night of entertaining with friends in the kitchen of your dreams.

We are a locally owned business that will work with clientele all over the United States.  The first step to making a kitchen dream a reality is building a personal and professional relationship with the homeowner so we can incorporate your unique needs and wants into a functional yet attractive design.  We understand that everyone is on a budget so we offer cabinetry designs to work with what you are able to afford.  If however, you desire an elaborately designed kitchen, we can skillfully create a design that is unique especially for you.

When it comes to  design layouts, the options are virtually endless.  We offer what is considered the standard layouts indicated below.  These can be used as a base to start with.  We can customize the design layout to work with your individual design style and to function to fit your lifestyle and needs.  This not only gives you a say in your design, but upon completion  you have an original design,  custom built for your home that incorporates your design ascetic.

An option for the smaller home or where only one individual is doing most of the meal preparation is the one- wall or single wall kitchen layout.  In this layout, the cabinetry is placed against one side of the kitchen, leaving a smaller space with a more open feel.
If you are favoring the one-wall option but require a little more space, the galley or corridor design may be an option your should consider.  This design option is very similar to the one-wall option in the respect that the cabinetry is placed against one wall and on the opposite side of the kitchen is placed your appliances with cabinets to fill in any remaining wall space.  As with the one-wall kitchen this design is best suited towards the individual cook  because spacing can be a little tight when working with multiple cooks.

If you have a family where everyone pitches in with the meal preparation the U-Shaped kitchen  is the option to consider.  This design follows the literal “U” shape with the sink most times being placed in the middle section to allow for ease of accessibility.  The stove and refrigerator are typically placed on opposite walls but this can be customized to work with your individual needs.  This layout allows for countertop space and for multiple cooks to be working in one area without constantly bumping into one another.

The L-Shaped kitchen is by far the most popular layout these days.  This design is most often seen with an island, which is perfect for prep work, entertaining or for making dinner while the kids work on homework.  The L-Shaped kitchen requires a little bit more space especially when used with the island, but this layout works with many kitchen styles and offers many design variations regardless of your design style.

Do you have a family with lots of cooks, or do you simply like to have your friends over for a friendly cook off?  The G-Shaped kitchen is the perfect layout for you.  The G-Shaped kitchen is a modified U-Shaped layout that has eliminated the island because of space restrictions, but has added a fourth leg or peninsula with no uppers above so you don’t feel closed off from the rest of the home.  When adding the peninsula be sure to size appropriately to allow for under counter appliances or for seating on the backside.

By pairing the homeowners ideas with our skilled expertise we can design  a custom kitchen layout that is created especially for you by you.