ET Centers/Desks/Fireplaces

When it comes to your entertainment needs, we have the design capabilities to make your dreams a reality.    Do you have a flat screen television that is attached to a cable box or digital recorder that you would like to camouflage?  How about that sound system equipped with speakers that you would like to incorporate into a wall of storage?  Not a problem!  We can take your plans and ideas along with our design expertise and turn that current wall of entertainment into a more user friendly and functional piece of furniture.

Your idea of a relaxing evening may not be watching a show on the flat screen but may involve curling up in front of the warm fireplace on a cool evening reading a good book or being surrounded by family as you make memories over a cup of hot cocoa.  We are here to help design the most intimate and inviting fireplace surround or the most elaborate and elegant surround.  Bring us your ideas and we will turn them into a design that creates the perfect ambience.

Maybe you need to slip away from the fun and relaxing side of living to the more functional work side of life and need your office space updated.  Let us customize your home office into a more user friendly space with a new custom designed desk that incorporates filing and storage into one user friendly piece of furniture.  Do you require additional storage options beyond a desk?  We can coordinate your office space to fit your needs and space all within a budget that works for you.

Let us take your entertaining, relaxing and working spaces to a new level. Whether it is a rework of the entire room or building off of what you currently have, we can take the areas of your home and give them new life.